After Baby Meal Ideas for Kimi Photography Newborn Clients

After Baby Meal Ideas for Kimi Photography Newborn Clients

I was pretty surprised and amazed by meal trains after birth when I started living in the US. I think it is such a warm way to welcome the newborn and helping moms. Sadly, there is no such a custom in Japan, where I grew up, anymore. My friends, whom are also an international couple, just had their newborn baby and we are enrolled in their meal train. That experience made me think to write after baby meal ideas for Kimi Photography Newborn Clients. My clients are not only from the Portland area, but also from other countries or living in Portland temporarily. Which also means being away from their friends and the baby’s grandparents who might be able to help them if they lived closer. I think knowing what mom might need for after giving birth might help recover their body and be even more enjoyable to be with the new addition of the family!

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When I photograph portraits, some moms care about their weight. No worries! You put your life on delivering a new life into the world. No body expects you to be the same weight as before pregnancy. From a photographer’s view, moms get better skin and just the joy they get by holding their babies shine so much. If we can reduce your worries, stress, and the amount of sleepless nights through recovering your body and nourishment, let’s do it!


How much and when to eat ?

According to Web MD, new moms need to have 1,800 and 2,200 calories everyday. If they are nursing, they need up to 500 calories more. I also learned it is a good idea to spread your meals throughout the day, so your power lasts for the whole day.


What kind of Nutrients are needed?

Proteins: beans, lean meats, eggs, and soys are good to have for recovery.

Calcium: It is good to have 1,000 milligrams (take it from low-fat products) daily.

Also, Iron is necessary to let your body create new blood cells. Red meat and liver has more iron.

If you had twins, have a health condition, or are vegetarian, ask your doctor about your nutrition. Every pregnancy and delivery is different!

Here are some recipes to have those nutrients.

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Snack ideas?

Baby’s siblings can help mom with making some snacks! They can be a big helper!

  • hummus plate
  • mix nuts with low sodium
  • whole grain (oats) cereal with low-fat milk
  • Low-fat cheese with a piece of fruit
  • Peanut butter with veggies or fruits
  • Plain Greek yogurt with fruit
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It is needless to say dads are an available hero to support the family member! Not only for taking care of their children, but also in helping recover moms’ body and get through this emotional time. Having a baby is a life changing event in life and I hope some of this information can help my clients who come to Kimi Photography for maternity and newborn photography.

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