Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Portrait Session


Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Portrait Session

Being pregnant is one of those moments to cherish in your life. As you see in my portfolio for maternity sessions, you can see the beautiful and gorgeous ladies shine! However, the beauty and gorgeousness sometimes come with some physical pregnancy pains. The hormones can affect you mentally also. Pregnancy massage might help in having cherishable moments of pregnancy and have a wonderful maternity portrait session.


Most of our maternity portrait clients come to our studio when they are in the third trimester of their pregnancy. The baby is already big and the belly is nicely round. It is also the time moms get muscle aches and joint pain. The spine curves more as the belly gets big, so a lot of pregnant women deal with back pains. Because of the development of mammary glands for breast feeding, the bust get bigger as well. It means shoulder muscle pain and the upper body also gets heavier. To get relief from that, pregnancy massage might help.

Can all massage therapist provide pregnancy massage?

Just like choosing an educated maternity and newborn photographer, you would like to choose pregnancy massage therapists who are educated in that special field. It seems like they can take some advanced training to provide the service. As a photographer, I am educated as a maternity and newborn photographer to take care of your baby. At least once a year, I do update my skills and knowledge with advanced maternity and newborn workshops and worldwide photographer conferences.  So for a prenatal massage therapist, it is always good to find someone who is specialized and educated in the field.


When to have a massage?

According to , pregnancy massage is generally considered safe after the first trimester. Just like usual massage sessions, it makes our blood flow well. Better blood circulation is better, but it might trigger your morning sickness too. It helps after the second trimester.


Prenatal massage helps to prevent depression and reduces anxiety also. Women’s body changes quickly and very much to become a mom while we are pregnant. It helps to improve labor outcome by caring for yourself physically and mentally with a prenatal massage. It even makes you feel good and more enjoyable to have a maternity photo session with Kimi Photography!

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