How to coordinate your baby’s cake smash session?

How to coordinate your baby’s cake smash session?

We have been capturing newborns for about 6 years now. About a year after we started specializing in newborn photography, we started having cake smash sessions. It is so joyful to see our client’s baby coming back for their 1st birthday. Since we don’t have our own kids (check out about us), it is so graceful to see their growth! I always felt they would not be any more cuter when they were a newborn…I was wrong. They definitely get cuter a year later!

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To coordinate your baby’s smash cake session, we always ask what kind of theme you might like for your baby’s photo session. If you don’t have a theme you like, just tell me what color your baby likes or if there’s a toy or book they like. Any information like if dad is a big fan of baseball or mom loves harry potter etc… Anything that makes the session unique would be great. We also decide on the main colors together with our clients. Our smash cake session includes the smash cake (vegan cake is also available for extra cost) if the decoration is not too complicated. As you can see from any of my photos, I like to have vintage or rustic themes, and also themes with nature, wood, and flowers. We have all different kind of props, so please come visit us for the pre-consultaion!

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We coordinated this set in our studio. Since the baby’s mom really likes a white base background with some pink and flowers, we ended up decorating like this.

Even if you don’t know anything about settings, no worries. I can and I will love doing it for you 😀

While I was writing this, I found a fun article about cake smash sessions.

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I think a cake smash session is as exciting as a posed newborn session. It would be even more fun too! 1 year olds will smile more and that even makes parents smile more. We always plan a session right after the nap time of your baby, so usually it works out with them in a good mood.

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This page is full of girl’s 1st birthday cake smash sessions, so here is another link for boy’s portrait session!

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It is usually takes about 1.5 hours at the most. 1 year old babies usually cannot focus more than 1.5 hours, and we can capture quite many pictures in 1.5 hours! I ask parents, please do not pressure your baby to sit still or smile during the session! Babies love their mom and dad the most. They don’t want to be away from their parents, so I will ask parents to play and be with their baby until they at least get more comfortable at our studio.

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