Newborn baby pictures in Portland

Newborn baby pictures in Portland


Kimi Photography provides newborn baby pictures in Portland. We love to include family and sibling pictures in the session. It’s such a special moment for your newborn and if you have older children, it’s also a momentous occasion as they become a big sister or big brother.


The reason Kimi Photography provides newborn baby pictures is to make the family’s ever lasting treasure. Please don’t hesitate in asking us to take photos of sibling together. Even if you don’t know how well your older child will corporate with your newborn session, we always plan out the process of the session to help make it special. We have dealt with many newborn clients with 2-6 years old and often hear how much they are pleasantly surprised that we captured that moment 😉


This beautiful family came to our studio with a 2 week old baby and her older sister about 3 years old. The baby girl slept throughout the session! Actually, her mom planned in order to let her sleep and we talked about how the newborn session goes before the session day. Her mom adjusted the timing to feed as well! We also gave her some tips to prepare for their newborn baby pictures.


For the 3 year old, we asked the mom to coordinate as much as she was able to coordinate her outfit. However, we would like her to be in the good mood during the newborn baby session. If your kids already have a certain clothing taste, let’s let them wear what they want 🙂 You can bring other clothes though, in case they they change their feelings!

I captured a few lovely sibling pictures. This is one of them. The girl found the best place to play with her dolls she brought for the session! It was already occupied when I finished wrapping the baby. This is me telling her what we do 😉 This is actually a pretty normal situation in capturing s newborn baby session with siblings at Kimi Photography.


We would love for you to come to our studio, if you would like to have professional portraits. However, it is always nice to capture some quick DIY home family portraits! I found a page that talks a bit about that if you are interested 🙂

here is a little tip to try at home family portrait in DIY!


Details are always so precious!


Here is a composed image of the baby girl!


We also play and take some pictures of the older sister for her portrait with her parents. I usually don’t force 2-6 years old to pose for me. I think it is very effective to earn trust from kids by playing a little during the session. Kids will listen me and their parents after they find out the photo session is fun and will make their parents happy.


If you plan on having newborn baby pictures in Portland, it really helps to capture the precious family moment even if your newborn baby has siblings! If you would like to create your family treasure with newborn and family photography, please contact Kimi Photography, newborn photographer in Portland.

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