Fall Family Portrait Session in Vancouver Washington!

Fall Family Portrait Session in Vancouver Washington!

Fall  is one of the more popular seasons for portrait sessions. It is so beautiful with all the colored leaves around Portland area. However, the beauty comes with rain in Oregon…

For our October photo sessions, we don’t take as many reservations as we take for other months because of the weather. It is so important for us to capture each clients memories, so we make sure all of our clients can get nice weather for their photo session.

This family came with their 3 year old girl for family portraits and the girl’s 3 years old celebration portrait. They planed to go to Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Seattle a week after this photo session.


In Japan, they have a Shichi-go-san festival. This traditional festival is for three and five year-old boys and three and seven year-old girls to celebrate their healthy growth. Children dress up in Japanese traditional wear “kimono.”


We started taking photos at their home. It is so sweet to see the excitement of the girl wearing her kimono for her big day.


Such a cute girl 🙂  She posed for me! She started the session in a good mood at Vancouver Lake Regional Park, but the sandals were too hard to walk in…and it made her grumpy…


I am sure her parents were getting a bit nervous wondering how it would turn out. I usually bring some toys to play with kids when I have a session involving age 3-8 years old. The bubble machine became my great helper in this situation!


Can anybody tell me why kids love bubbles so much?? Seriously no exception. All kids love it. It completely changed her mood in a second, and she started to smile and giggle again!


Dad and daughter silliness 😉 It makes me laugh.


Sweet mom and daughter!


She is flying! It would be more harder to swing like this at her 7 years old celebration.


It is so beautiful to see the curiosity children have at this age.


I am glad that I could be their photographer for this year. I hope to see them for the 7 year old celebration or sooner. Thank you for choosing Kimi Photography!

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