Safe Newborn Photography with Kimi Photography

Safe Newborn Photography with Kimi Photography

How can you find a professional newborn photographer that is safety conscious? There are many photographers who take many different kinds of pictures including newborn photos. I do take family pictures, senior portraits, and of course wedding pictures as well, but I am dedicating myself quite a bit to newborn photography and capturing the little big love as a professional newborn photographer. Newborn photography seems very easy to some people, since babies are sleeping most of the time, but it actually needs quite a bit of knowledge about babies and techniques for posing and editing to capture them safely. Newborn baby pictures are usually taken when they are 5 days old to 14 days old. Some moms have a C-section and it is too hard for them to move, in this case then we ask them to contact us when they can come over. It could be 2 months later, so we may not capture them with the same kind of posing we do with 5-14 day old babies, but different stages have different things to capture! 5-14 days may sound too early for some parents, and we do take pictures of older babies too, but if you would like to have the picture like this below (calm sleepy baby ), we recommend you to come in during that time.


Why have your newborn session in one to two weeks after the birth? There are a few reasons for it. Babies muscles will be built significantly after 3 weeks of birth. They can kick more and their feet movement gets more active. A 3 month old baby would have a hard time holding this pose… Also their spine gets more stiff (it is amazing how quick they grow, right?), so it would be harder for them to pose like this when they start getting older.  I usually use the natural posing like how they are held in their parents arms if I don’t get any posing requests.  If I get a posing request like this picture below, I will compose 2 pictures together.


Obviously, the baby doesn’t stand up like this. Safety comes first at Kimi Photography. At our session, someone will be right next to your baby at all times away from the parents (my assistant or my husband, Mike). In fact, this picture request was composed from 2 pictures supporting different parts of the baby with art blush effect to make it a rustic feel.


I love capturing baby photos with safety. I am a member of WPPI and have taken classes from the top newborn photographers in the world. It is so important for us as newborn photographers to keep learning. In this coming year 2017, I am going to attend the baby summit to continue increasing my knowledge and learning more about newborn photography!!

Please let us celebrate the joy of your life with professional and safe newborn photography!

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