One year old birthday picture celebration!!

One year old birthday picture celebration!!

Have you thought about your child’s one year old birthday celebration? I bet days go so fast after the birth and no time to think about it! Although, in just a year, your baby grows so much. They were in your arms when they were just born. They can walk or are getting ready to walk just 12 months later! Since we have a lot of babies come to our studio for our newborn photo session, we often have our return customers for the first birthday picture session. You don’t want to miss capturing this precious moment!

We capture your child’s 1st year old birthday celebration with a cake and fun props.  Our session fee includes a little smash cake.

It is just a quick moment that they will look up, be still and smile.  Parents often mention how difficult it is to take some good smiling photos of their one year old while making sure they’re safe and being joyful even when they see the smiles all the time. Nobody wants to make your kid stiff and have fake smiles, right?  At our session we ask parents to bring a great atmosphere to just play with their child at our studio. Also we try our best to make your child comfortable and interested in our session!

Portland One Year Old Birthday Picture 04

We usually use 3 backdrops and include pictures with parents as well.  This is the cake included in our session. The cake was made by Le cookie Monkies.

Props includes letters (One or 1), cake, and balloons. We can also adjust props and the color theme by the parent’s request.

Portland One Year Old Birthday Picture 03
Portland One Year Old Birthday Picture 05
Portland One Year Old Birthday Picture 02

By communicating with parents, we can capture great moments that you don’t want to miss. It is your baby’s 1st birthday, but it is also your 1st anniversary as parents of this child. With a lot of changes and grace (or struggles) that you have been faced with the baby’s 1st year, it would be a great memories as your family history!

Thank you for considering capturing one year old birthday pictures for your child. I am sure it will be a great gift and addition to your family portraits.

Portland One Year Old Birthday Picture 01 600x900

Contact us to schedule a Cake Smash Photo Session for your child’s first birthday! We like to take a family portrait during the session as well.

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