I am always so thankful when my clients come back. I love seeing the family and babies growing up! Their maternity pictures were taken by Kimi Photography about 4 years ago.


I still remember that the time we had the maternity session was pretty cold, but full of giggles and happiness! I cannot believe that this boy was the little bump! He is now 4 years old and they are back for a Family Portrait Session with Kimi Photography!

Usually we reserve about 2 hours for our Family Portrait Session. It depends on the kid’s age though. Little ones are a little more difficult to keep their attention on the photo session. As we know they don’t last 2 hours.  We will have some activities and stuff to entertain them ( like balloons, other toys, and sometimes a cake ) to capture the moment, and we capture the interactions between the family. With this 4 year old boy, the session went very smooth with lots of laughs and smiles.


In these 4 years, they got another bump! We also celebrated this little man’s first birthday together!


From our experience, especially 1 to 3 years old kids, sometimes have a hard time being in the mood of a photo session for 2 hours. We usually take pictures with them (if there are little ones in the family) at the beginning, then move on to other pictures.

We also try to take some posed pictures! I personally think it is important to have mix of candid and posed pictures, especially for family portrait sessions. We always want to remember the real smiles and laughter of your family, but it is also nice to have a few posed pictures as a nice memory.  Grandparents usually love the posed pictures 😉


We had such a fun time with them at this family portrait session! We hope to see them with the grandparents and more extended family this summer!