Portland Photographer Kimi Photography: Spring Family and Maternity photography

Portland Photographer Kimi Photography: Spring Family and Maternity photography

When I see cherry blossoms in Portland Oregon, I always remember the photo session with this family. It has been 2 years already, but it was so great to meet them while I was visiting in Japan. They live in Tanzania and this girl was born there. I met them before I moved to the US, so I haven’t seen this cute girl in person! This family’s happiness just made me filled with joy.


The reason they wanted to have the session with me was for family and maternity photography. Since it was full blooming time for cherry blossoms and grape blossoms, we decided to meet at the park, which was pretty close from my parents’ home. I even play there when I was little! It took me back 🙂


I love seeing the curiosity she has. Her dad picked up something and was showing it to her.  He is such a sweet dad.


The park is pretty big. We walked a lot for the day… She did a great job!


Here was the other reason! They were expecting a boy at the time when I took their photo. I have seen the boy on the facebook, but not in person. I wish the time will come soon to meet him too.


This shot was a request. They didn’t get a ring picture from their wedding, so I captured that. I wish I could have taken their wedding photos also.


At last, she asked her dad for a piggyback-ride. She must be more grown up and a good older sister for her little brother by now. I hope I can go back to Japan next time when they are also in Japan to meet them again!

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