Portland Newborn photographer –   Baby Jacob 3 weeks old

Portland Newborn photographer – Baby Jacob 3 weeks old

OK, since I am having my business using my second language here in the US, sometimes I find myself not so perfect in speaking on the phone…I feel sorry for my client, sometimes google doesn’t even understand my accent, and it just makes us laugh…sigh. Baby Jacob’s mom called me and was being so patient with my accent and came to our studio for making an appointment for Jacob’s first portrait session. I am so thankful to his mom being so wonderful 🙂 At their consultation, we asked what colors they like and if there are any theme for the baby’s room or their home decor.

You may not realize the importance of newborn baby when they are at 2-3 weeks old. Yeah, they are so tiny in your arm, but the moment will not be the same later! They grow up so quickly in just a few months.

Sadly, it is not something you can rewind.


With our 2 and half hour newborn portrait session, baby Jacob did a great job 🙂 He gave me a smile! Every baby is different, but I heard that he just started smiling recently and I wanted to capture that for the parents.


They picked natural brown and green for props. Also, the parents mentioned that Jacob’s room has some Native Indian theme to it. So, I made a little tent with headband for him to be in the theme. It was funny that he posed and looks like he is saying “awawawaw!”


Such a beautiful mom…The mom’s smile just tells how much she is in love with who she could hold on her arm. I love the connection between the mom and Jacob.


Jacob’s dad was a great helper for calming Jacob. When babies smell or feel mom, they tend to get fussy or cry if they can’t be in their arms. They would like to be fed or get more closer to mom. So for baby sessions like this, we usually ask dad to be a part of the photo session. With his mom’s love and dad’s big help, newborn photo sessions go easier!

Please don’t forget to leave some comments on this page below. They are participating in our comment contest to get the photo slideshow to share it with their friends and family.  The parents who get most comments (unique people/IP’s) on the photos or celebration messages on this page get the prize.

At the end, I am so glad to photograph you guys 🙂 Thank you so much for choosing me as his first photographer!

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