Newborn Portrait Photographer in Portland – Baby Delanie

Newborn Portrait Photographer in Portland – Baby Delanie

My December 2014 ended up being pretty busy taking newborn portraits. Since the holiday season starts from Thanksgiving Day, I guess most couples who are expecting to have a baby in the holiday season get so busy, preparing for the birth and spending time for family gatherings. So it’s pretty easy to get sidetracked and not think about having portraits of their newborn! I am glad this couple decided to have them. This family came to Portland for a Christmas family gathering and came to my studio for newborn portraits.


She was having a hard time to fall a sleep for the first 30 minutes. I usually ask parents to try and keep their baby awake for about 2 hours before the portrait session, but I know it is hard… and most babies will fall asleep when they ride in a car. I still ask to try though! While she was up, we just enjoyed her beautiful expressions.


It is so amazing how all babies are so different. Some of them have so much facial expression at 10 days old and some have favorite postures. This baby can smile and wink at my camera! I think she is pretty talented 😉


Moms love to see close up pictures of their babies and some details 😀

I like to think of these as perfect pieces of your baby’s beginning story.


Sometimes, I get asked if babies need to be sleeping during a newborn session. I love taking pictures when they are awake, usually though we let the baby sleep for posing. Especially, when they are naked so we can pose them in a comfortable and modest 🙂 posture.


However, you will not see your baby sleeping in the same way after 3 months later. 6 months later they will sit and so quickly they will start walking and eating at 1-year-old! Investing the time and energy in getting portraits of your newborn is a great start to capture your life and family history!!

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