Newborn baby Photography: Baby Benjamin

Newborn baby Photography: Baby Benjamin

Usually it gets really busy after the baby is born. However, it is worth taking time to create these treasures of memories for the future.

Benjamin and his parents came to our studio for a newborn baby photography session. I am always honored to be the first photographer of someone’s life! How cool is that! We just finished showing the final edited images 2 weeks after their portrait session.


I think all parents have different things that they want to remember from the first photo session for their baby. The funny postures, warmth of the little hands, wrinkly smiles, the beauty of this precious life…


It was wonderful hearing what the parents thought about the images of their son. The description of the emotion behind the images and what it meant to them is truly what makes capturing these moments priceless. The words the parents gave me just filled my heart with joy. This is exactly why we do this, seeing parents filled with love for their child and knowing they will enjoy these moments forever.

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