Taking a preview at Laurelhurst Park!

Taking a preview at Laurelhurst Park!

We had 3 hot days last week! Feels like it’s finally Summer.

Since the weather was awesome, I took a preview of Laurelhurst Park on the South East side of Portland. A Family photo session is coming soon!

We are thinking to do a picnic style photo shoot, so the park seems to work out great!


It was Wednesday, but many people were outside on the ground and getting some tanning in! When I go to  parks in Japan on sunny days, I see quite a few salesmen, who wore long sleeves and would be sweating, resting on the bench. Here, when I am in America, I see many girls with swim suits at Laurelhurst Park. Very interesting contrast 😀

I saw a few painters too!

It was about 87F on this day. I met some dog walker wearing dresses. They dress up with a different color polka dots 🙂


He was having a cool sun umbrella! I love sunny days, because people get more friendly and laid back.

If you are planning to visit Portland, Summer is the best! I picked up a few places with shade and finished my preview for an up-coming family photo session.

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