Wait, do you really want to hire a professional photographer just for digital negatives?

Wait, do you really want to hire a professional photographer just for digital negatives?

I have got to tell you about something that is at the heart of Kimi Photography’s business model. Digital negatives by themselves could possibly be a poor reason to invest in a photographer. Sure, they have their place and are great for showing off to friends and family and posting on the next hottest social site. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as much of a tech geek as the next guy, but I believe some art is lost in translation and is still best appreciated as something tangible. A canvas print on the wall that shows your little girl’s first few days, an elegant heirloom album with a story of your family, these things are enjoyed and treasured for a lifetime. I get so much more joy seeing my wonderfully made prints of my family on the wall than the ones I have hidden on a drive somewhere in that drawer. Or was it in the closet? Did I copy all those images to my laptop? Maybe backed up in the “cloud” or on a DVD (which some companies decided a dvd player doesn’t even belong in a computer any more) in storage. You can see where I’m going here, especially if you’ve got that blu-ray dvd of your wedding pictures somewhere and no way to enjoy that and experience the investment.


I’m not saying this to bash digital files, rather to increase your awareness and point you in the direction of what I believe would give you much more joy and possibly be the primary reason why you would hire a professional photographer in the first place. I’m sure you’ve seen a picture or two that your family had taken maybe generations before. Because they took the time to make that and get a print made, you can enjoy that and let it take you back to that moment in history.


At Kimi Photography, what we really believe will be something so special for your family is that taking the time and investment to hire us and make prints or albums or something tangible, will allow your family to cherish them at any moment for generations.

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