Tips for a fun outside family photography session in Portland!

Tips for a fun outside family photography session in Portland!

Have you had a family photography session? Life gets so busy, especially after you get your child. Taking care of chores fills up your schedule, and taking pictures with your phone of your kids helps distract from the feelings of missing those precious moments in your life…

Life goes so fast.

When you are raising your kids, you may hope that they grow up as fast as possible. However when you look back after they grow up, most people think they grew up too fast. If you decide to have a family photography session in Portland, please contact Kimi Photography. Let’s enjoy the moment of having a family photography session and make it a treasure of your family!

To make the family photography session successful, I have some tips to make things smooth. There are also some preparations that we usually ask our clients to take. I will write about those and I hope they give you some ideas of having your family session with us.

-Posing First

Unless they are used to being in front of a camera, people don’t know what to do. I am not a person who loves to have my portrait taken, so I know how you feel if you don’t know what to do when someone holds a camera and aims at you!

I believe that posing sometimes helps to warm up the session in the beginning. You don’t have to freeze, and I lightly pose most of the time.  You can move if you want to. However, it depends on the client. Some people can naturally pose and they know the angles they look better. Don’t hesitate to pose in front of me.


Let's have a fun!

Parents can bring out the best smiles of their kids. After we get warmed up, we play tag and play with bubbles! I encourage parents to play with kids at that time. Smiles are just like a chain reaction! If you smile, it catches on and soon smiles are everywhere. Kids love seeing their parents being happy and smiling. Let’s have fun, just like you came over to the park to play! I am sure your kids’ smiles will make you really happy at the session.


- Let's use props

Kids’ attention would not last so long. I usually bring a few props depending on your children ages. Balloons are always on my list of things to bring for a family photography session in Portland. We can discuss about props when you come to our pre-consultation. Pre-consultation is what we offer before you book with us. It is a great opportunity for you to know about our session and service. So, I would like to know about your children and what props will keep more attention from them!

We will use the props towards to the end of the session, so their excitement will last a little longer 🙂 No worries about the candies! I brought them for the excitement but we didn’t let them finish. Kids might like me, but it would be a nightmare later on with that much sugar…haha


- Just relax and bring your smile

As you can see the clothing color of this family, they coordinated with Navy! Outfit coordination is what I ask our clients to think about. I know that it takes a lot of effort for moms to think out the outfits for everyone in the family. If you need some help, please send me some pictures of them. You may want to start with picking your color and add some neutral colors, like white, grey, beige etc. The clothing doesn’t have to be all new, so no pressure! Also, if your time runs out for preparation, do not hesitate to let me know. If my schedule allows, we can meet you 30 mins or an hour later to give you more time. Sometimes, mom focuses so much on the other members’ outfits and preparations, she cannot take her own time. Mom has to be happy to make your family happy! We can adjust the starting time. Just relax and let’s be excited to create your family history! It is not an opportunity that everyone can have. It is something that your future family would appreciate and I am very happy to meet you as a photographer 🙂

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