Family tips for a Sibling and Newborn baby photography session

Family tips for a Sibling and Newborn baby photography session

” I bought a camera to take pictures of my sons. It is just too hard to make time and so tough to capture since the bigger one moves around…”

Yes, it is hard and as parents you also have to take care of your kids first, so it must be tough being their photographer and parents at the same time! I am glad that I can be helpful as a newborn and family photographer! When you have a second child like this family and ask photographers to capture the memories, there are some tips to have successful newborn baby, sibling and family photo session!

This family came to have their child and newborn pictures taken from Salem Oregon.

The older brother was about 1 and half years old. It’s usual for a 1.5 year old to be “non-stop,” but he did a great job as an older brother!

When parents with their second baby comes for family pictures, I always try to give attention to the firstborn child.  The oldest kid can be a mood maker for the family session 🙂


I asked the parents to bring snacks and toys for the older brother, so he can get entertained and keep the good mood going.  So when you have your second child and decide to hire a photographer to get family and newborn baby pictures, that is the key 😉

I love hearing the giggles and laughs at my studio!

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