Tips for Portland Maternity Photography Session


Tips for Portland Maternity Photography Session

Have you thought about having a Portland maternity photography session and trying to find the best photographer? Compared to other types of photography sessions, I think maternity is one of the new sessions people recently think to capture and make memories by photography. The maternity time is incredibly beautiful and you will experience it only a few times in your life if you are lucky! Some may not experience it at all or only once. Some may experience way more than they thought 🙂 Here are some tips for your Portland maternity photography session!

1 Find a photographer who is available for both inside and outside sessions!

In Portland, Almost half of the year it rains…If you are expecting to give a birth in winter time, you might want to check the availability for an inside session. If you would like to, you can reserve an outside session for beautiful weather, but I recommend to have an inside shoot option in case of a rainy day. Usually, maternity photography is taken during the 3rd trimester when all the organs will be pushed by baby and you may want to go to the bathroom more frequently than before. Especially in the cold weather, you don’t want to hold it and take a risk of having pyelitis or cystitis. Also, maternity photography session can be a time concern; it has to be taken before the baby is born! You don’t want to wait for weather too long to miss the moment. At Kimi Photography, we offer both inside and outside maternity photography sessions. We also have some maternity dresses for you to wear if you would like. For our in-studio sessions, we ask your preference of a sexy moody type of maternity photography session or light and laughter type. Here are some sample images of in-studio Portland maternity photography session.


2 Be comfortable with your photographer!

Being comfortable is a key to choose your photographer in any photography session. I believe for maternity session, you might want to choose someone who is also knowledgeable about pregnancy and newborns. It always helps to understand what you are going thorough and what care is needed during the photo session. Also, if you are interested in a newborn session, you can use the same photographer as the maternity session. It is just a photo session you may think, but I believe that photographer is a person who helps to create your family memory which becomes your life history. You want to choose someone you like!


3 Coordinate the session: color, make-up, clothing!

I personally prefer neutral colors like cream, white, grey and black for the dad to wear. The mom is beautiful, so I don’t think we need to wear too much jewelry or add too much colors. Simple colors will accentuate the beauty of maternity, although I do have some colored maternity dresses for an in-studio maternity session. Portland maternity photography session is to capture the beauty of pregnancy and the love to the baby, so dad’s neutral color choice helps to put more attention to the mom 🙂 If you have a theme or color that you like, it is always nice to match with your spouse. Also, you may want to consider hiring your make-up artist. Some of you might be really good at DIY make-up, then you don’t have to. I will retouch the images, so you don’t need to wear too much make-up. However, as it really makes you confident in front of the camera, It might help 🙂


4 Bring your personal props if you have them!

I have tons of props at my studio for maternity and newborn sessions. However, if you have any personal props which are related to your baby or pregnancy, let’s photograph with it. For example, you can bring a pair of shoes for your baby. If you have a toy or cloth that you used when you were little, you can bring them! Personal props make your Portland maternity photography session more special. Also, the personal props can be used to tie in your newborn session, to have before and after type of shots if you like! At your consultation, you can talk about what you have in mind, so we can come up with the best way to use the prop for your session!


You and your family must be really excited to have the new family member! I would love to meet you in person and hope to capture your family. If you are interested in the best Portland maternity photography, please contact Kimi Photography!

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