Why Choose Kimi Photography as Your Wedding Photographer?

Thank you for visiting our website! Congratulations on your engagement and on your upcoming wedding. I am sure you are extremely happy and excited about your wedding day and just a little overwhelmed for the preparation. As a married couple, we went thorough that! Choosing your photographer is usually one of the first things to get done when you are planning your day. There are SO many photographers you can chose from and there is a huge investment range. To make your planning and your day a little bit easier, we would like to tell you what we can provide for you on your wonderful day!

Should I have an engagement photo session or not?

So, you are engaged! Have you thought about how you can use your engagement pictures for your wedding? There are so many reasons for having an engagement session! Using the pictures for a guest book for everyone to sign is always a huge hit. We made a large portrait with a signing mat frame that our guests signed and we see this all the time on our wall. It’s very uplifting to our marriage seeing our picture & everyone’s well wishes & hopes for us.

This engagement session is so important to us that we include it in our packages. We would like you to start capturing & showing your love story right from the beginning of your life together.  About 4-8 months before the wedding, we meet you guys for the engagement session. It’s important so you would know how we will be photographing you on your big day. This is how we have been building the relationships with our clients. I believe having this trust and comfortableness with your photographer is the most important thing to have your dream day documented successfully!


Is a second photographer really needed?

I would say Yes. At weddings, a lot of things would happen at once! When the bride is wearing makeup, the groom could be chatting with best man. When the bride is about to wear the dress, her dad might be reading her letter in the hall way. There are so many pieces to your wedding story. It is not impossible to cover the event with one photographer depending on the timeline and schedule, we’ve done it many times. We still have a one photographer package in case you have a small wedding. However, If the photographer has second shooter, there is just that much more coverage and chances to complete and round out the story of your wedding. Kimi Photography is a husband & wife team that works together for your day. Complimenting each others skills to provide the best result for your memory.

What kind of style is important to you?

Kimi Photography shoots a hybrid mix of what we consider photojournalism and creative posing.
Your wedding day is meant to be just that. YOUR wedding day. We don’t want to take control of your wedding and make it all about the photography. We’re there to document it in a way that is unobtrusive and to capture all the varied mix of emotion and love as well as the event itself. Where our creative posing comes in, is when we might make a suggestion to be in a certain area like putting your dress on facing the light or near a wonderful window setting. It’s when you have the first look and we take some time to get really great creative images at or nearby the venue before the ceremony so you can spend time with your guests afterwards and not have them waiting. This way you have the story as your day happened and the creative beautiful moments that show off your love for each other and the majestic feeling of your wedding day.


Do we need an album or just digital images?

We have 3 kinds of wedding plans and each one comes with what would be your first family heirloom album. I understand that some people think digital data is enough, and while important, will not provide you with the joy and remembrance that comes with a physical display of your beginning, affection and memory of the day you joined hands in marriage. If you will hire us as your professional wedding photographer, I would recommend putting some serious thought into your first album as a married couple together. Instead of just having images in a folder somewhere on your computer or the incredibly temporary and quickly fading memory of images shared on social media. Consider having amazing images collected in an easily accessible heirloom quality album and having wall art that you can enjoy and be reminded of the beginning joy and commitment of your love together. Pictures you invest in will become more valuable to you as the years go by. When your marriage is growing throughout the years, it’s easy to forget that beginning unless you have reminders and images around you. Having master craftsman quality heirlooms make it wonderful to keep available and in view instead of stored in some drawer or lost among cheap books. We want you to have and enjoy your album and pass it on to your children and grand kids. This is what we provide; Memories of joy, remembrance, love, commitment, laughter and emotion all put into timeless craftsmanship heirlooms.

What kind of wedding package does Kimi Photography have?

Our wedding packages start from $1800, all of which come with digital images and albums. We would love to show and talk to you more in person, so please contact us! We would love to hear about your wedding day. If you would like to know more about our wedding package, please contact us!