Spring Family Portrait Session in Portland!


Spring Family Portrait Session in Portland!

Who is waiting for spring?  Whenever I see sun and feel the air of spring, I get exited! Here are some spring activities if you and your family are interested!


As you know, spring in Portland is so beautiful with so much greenery and flowers. Babies and Kids grow so fast, and you don’t want to miss any moment of those to treasure the time later. We are so excited to have a Spring family portrait session in Portland with you and your family!

This beautiful family came to Kimi Photography when they were expecting their first baby.

Here is the girl!


This is when the girl was still in the mother’s belly! Awww….It takes me back….


I think the joy for me in being a professional photographer is the relationship. I believe it really allows me to capture sincere emotions.


Just love seeing this cute family!


Why hire a Professional Photographer this Spring?

I always try to see and capture moments with creative and unordinary ways. It is the era that everyone can call themselves a photographer with a smart phone.  If mom can be the best photographer for her kids, then why do you hire professional photographers like us? I believe that you expect to have something you cannot take with your phone.  If I were a client, I would expect that. I have been Photographing many babies and kids around these kids ages. The hardest thing for mom to capture is the right moment that can really be a treasure on the wall as a family’s one of a kind precious memory.


Capturing kids facial expressions is one of the moments that parents want to have. It could be hard when you want to capture 3 of your kids in a one frame. Why? They look at different directions when they are focusing on something , or they stare at the camera when you ask them to look. Like a “Say cheese” shot!

My approach to photographing outside family session is as much as naturally they could be with their facial expressions and emotions.


It is very fun to have a spring family portrait session in Portland. Kids can run around, and adults can enjoy the sunshine and laughter of the kids which make them smile!

If you are interested in having a session with us, please contact us. We are looking forward to meet you!


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