Lasting Art

“Products?! Well, we just need digital files.”

If you thought that and still clicked “Product” tab, thank you for clicking!

We often get clients who just want to have digital images. We understand the needs of digital data, but unfortunately digital data doesn’t last a long time in peoples memory. The portrait pictures we provide would have real meaning to your family and are more special  even after 20-30 years later.  We would love for you to have pictures of your family history. When your baby becomes a teenager, grows up and gets married or when you get your grand kids… Pictures you spent time for and invested on will become more valuable as the years go by. Like with the floppy disk, imagine where the next medium like DVD’s or USB sticks are going.  Of course, we do provide the digital images to fit in the era we live, but the products will come with it!

This way, you and your family can cherish the pictures for ages!

Portrait Albums

We provide gorgeous handcrafted album for your ever lasting memories. We have variety of materials for front cover. Albums comes with 20 pages (10 spreads).

Wedding Albums


We love something unique!! This is our handmade wooden cover wedding album. It is made of genuine leather which wraps around the back and you can choose your initials or name to be engraved. It is a great piece to have as your everlasting memory! Please contact us to see this album in person.

Portrait Image Box

We call this product our Image Box. This Image Box is a collection of 15 matted 5×7 prints. You can frame the pictures or set them up on easels around the house and rotate them out. Great for passing around at gatherings so everyone can see too. It is also hand crafted and has many colors and materials  for the outside cover. You can pick your family color and theme for your forever treasure.  It is also available with 8×12 prints. The box can hold up to 18 matted prints.


Wall Art


These are unique prints that have a special feel and look to them that you don’t normally see. Our artisan collection series has a very different appeal that may match your home or office. Wall art is for both portrait and wedding.


Wood board with canvas texture.


Birch wood texture wall art


Metal board wall art.

Portrait Digital Data


All images purchased at our ordering session comes with data on a DVD. Depending on your needs and choice of your products, you can choose from dvd to keepsake box. The keepsake box can be a treasure chest of memories to cherish the warmth of your memories in the past and add to in the future.